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10 Best things to do in San Blas Islands

“Scattered along the Caribbean coast of Panama, the 365 tiny coconut islands of the San Blas archipelago make up one of Central America's most intriguing destinations. This is paradise as most of us imagine it, with coral reefs, sunken shipwrecks and tropical beaches found in every direction. Throw some thatched dwellings and powdery white sand in the mix, and what’s not to love?”

Lonely Planet

Leave your mainland expectations behind and find out the best way to enjoy Kuna Yala:

1) Stay in a sailboat. Definitely, staying on a sailboat offers you more opportunities to explore the Paradise.

2) Snorkel everyday in a diferent reef. The reefs in San Blas remain alive, so the marine life is vast. You will see different kinds of corals, turtles, a variety of fish species, rays and even sharks.

3) Paddle around the islands. Many boats have standup paddle or kayak. Enjoy these toys to explore the islands in a different way.

4) Fish your own food. As the marine life in San Blas is wide, fishing is usually a good amusement.

5) Know a little bit more about the Kuna culture. The Kuna Indians usually are very friendly with the tourists. Some speak Spanish or English, others speak only Kuna. Women usually sell self- made handicrafts, called “Molas”.

6) Have a good meal. Far from the city, the food is very fresh! You will eat a lot of fish, lobster, octopus... But if you don´t like it, no problem, there are also vegetarian food.

7) Walk around the islands. Take a walk in the morning and have the opportunity to observe the different shades of blue in the sea water.

8) Read a good book. Take advantage of the relaxing environment to read a good book.

9) Take a lot of pictures. After all, this place worth photographing.

10) Just relax!

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