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Best Anchorages in Ilha Grande, Brazil

Cruise or charter boaters spend most of their time anchored, so choosing the best anchor points is essential for comfort and safety. Perfect anchoring involves a location with at least the following qualities:

  • Room for boat to spin with wind and current

  • Suitable bottom (sand or mud, without stones, no algae)

  • Wave and wind protection

  • Depth suitable for anchoring (2 to 12m)

Selected below our favorite anchorages in Ilha Grande.

Tapera Beach

At the end of Sitio Forte Cove is locatedTapera Beach. Anchorage very frequented by sailors and with unique natural beauty surrounded by mountains. It presents mud bottom and very sheltered from the prevailing waves and winds in Ilha Grande.

Engenho de Fora Beach

Just southeast of the Blue Lagoon (Lagoa Azul) area is the Engenho de Fora beach, with its clear sands and turquoise blue water this anchorage is beautiful. Very sheltered from the swell and southwest winds, but open to east wind.

Dois Rios Beach

Outside (ocean side) of Ilha Grande is Dois Rios beach. Very beautiful place and where is located the historic presidio ruins. Not well sheltered from the waves and the east wind.

Pouso (Palmas Cove) Beach

Small beach and quite frequented by tourists, but the best option to access Lopes Mendes Beach. Very sheltered from southwest winds, but a open to east winds.

Parnaioca Beach

Located on the outside (oceanic side) of Ilha Grande, Parnaioca beach is considered the most beautiful locations of Ilha Grande, but is open to many swells and to southwest wind. It is worth waiting for calm sea conditions to visit the place.

Meros Beach (Grouper Beach)

One of the most beautiful beaches of Ilha Grande, but is open to swells and southwest winds.

Green Lagoon (Lagoa Verde)

Very small but well-protected anchorage for eastern waves and winds.

Blue Lagoon (Lagoa Azul)

One of the most frequented anchorages by tourists and boaters, very beautiful and unique. It is possible to anchor in various locations depending on the predominant swell and winds. Very sheltered especially from the waves.

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