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What do I need to take for my sailboat trip?

All arranged to do a sail charter on the holiday, but it is time to pack up and some questions arise. Here are some tips to help you!

Make a trip on a sailboat is different from traveling to a hotel, so when it comes to packing, you need to remember a few details:

- First think what kind of bag is ideal: a small bag, for sure. The storage space on a boat is usually small. Use the soft bag, not the hard suitcase.

-To wear on the boat, clothes that dry fast, are ideal. Life on board is very simple, so you should not worry about carrying too much stuff, besides the swimwear, take a short, t-shirts, swimwear cover-up, waterproof jacket...

- Sunscreen is a must! Both sunscreen for the body, as for the face. On the sailboat, or even while you are doing sports, standup paddle, snorkeling, surfing, you will be very exposed to the sun. A cap also helps protect the head and face, and the UV protection shirt can help too.

- Repellents are also important!

- Waterbottles, that way everyone has their bottle that you can fill up.

- For carrying towels, cameras, and books in the dingy to the beach, a dry bag helps keep everything safe.

-Other important items: sunglasses, a book (or Kindle), medicines (especially if you are away from the city, in case of seasickness, headache, cold, it is good to be forewarned!), and toiletries.

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