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Top 6 Places to Sailing in Brazil.

Brazil is a huge country with a really big coast line. The warm waters and trade wind make the major part of this coast good for sailing vacations. Here we listed our favorite spots for sailing in Brazil.

1. Ilha Grande and Paraty

This part of the coast is called "Green Coast" or "Costa Verde" because of the colors of the montains and the sea. The region is crossed by a huge mountain range with well preserved tropical florest, waterfalls and wild animals. The sea is warm and calm with lots of bays and islands to discover.

2. Rio de Janeiro

The city of the 2016 olympic games and her Guanabara bay is the house of the biggest sailing fleet in Brazil. What will blow your mind here is the city skyline with huge monolith rising from the sea and much higher than the skyscrapers. A sail charter is the best way to have photos and enjoy the water of Rio de janeiro.

3. Ilhabela

This island is the biggest on the brazilian coats and her name could be traslated from portuguese as beautiful island. Known as the brazilian capital of sailing Ilhabela make part of the "Green Coast" or "Costa Verde" and like Paraty and Ilha Grande is a tropical florest and sea paradise.

4. Marau

The Marau Peninsula separe the Atlantic sea from a huge and magical bay. This place is almost unhabited and have many charms, from waterfalls that you call reach with the sailboat to unspoiled beachs.

5. Arraial do Cabo

The north part of Rio de Janeiro state is a hot spot for sailing. Buzios, Cabo Frio and Arraial do Cabo are near distance and perfect to sailing between. This part of the cost is reach by cold water from the deeps of the Atlantic Ocean, what make the place a fishing paradise. The water are turquoise blue and weather is dry.

6. Abrolhos

This Nacional park is where whales come to have their babies. The group of islands have crystal clean warm water and is one of the best spots for snorkelling.

Here at Coco Sailing we are specialist in sailing and as brazillians we can advice you where and when to go sailing on our country. Contact us.

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