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Catamaran or Sailboat for a San Blas Islands Charter?

We get this question all the time. What is the best choice for a sail charter on the San Blas Islands? For sure a catamaran is a better choice but the vantages come with a price. Here we list some pros and cons of each one.

Confort and Space

For the same size a catamaran (multihull) have at least 3 times more space and internal volume. This make the cats much more confortable. Also the external area is more friendly to walk with lots of flat spaces.

Sailboats (monohulls) have normally a more angled deck and less area for living and walk.

Safety and Stability

Catamarans are very stable and have natural buoyancy, making them almost unsinkable, but sailboats are safer on extreme conditions and can back naturaly from a capzise. Under anchor cats are more stable but in windy conditions the huge dry area make a needing of a bigger anchor.

Sailing Performance and Manoeuvrability

Catamarans have a lower wetted surface area and this make then faster, but by other side expect uncomfortable ride under sails. Monohull sailboats are designsed to work harmoniously with the elements instead of trying to fight them. Sailing catamarans are inefficient upwind and tack very slowly.

With the engine catamarans are also faster and have nice manoeuvrability by the reason of the two propellers, one on each hull.

Shallow Draft

The hulls of the catamarans work like a keels, so catamarans have a shallow draft what make possible to go closer form the islands in shallow spots. Some captain include dock there catamarans on the beach.

Foto by Sail Ipanema

The Price Diferrence

All this vantage come with a price, on Catamarans you will need not just two hulls but two engines, two rudders, more tanks, cables, a bigger sail and mast. Normally catamarans have a 40% higher than a sailboat of the same size.

Why choose Coco Sailing

We are sailors passionated about sailing and live by the sea, so we belive when we do what we love we do it right. Our crew are very experienced and the boats are trully cruisers liveaboard vessels. We wanna share this passion and introduce you to a liveaboad lifestyle.

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