Who is Coco?

We start the company after years living aboard with a relexable and happy life. When we start accept guest aboard we discover how people fell abo around the sea. So come Coco Sailing, a iniciative to help real sailors and spread the sailing culture worldwide. Making sailors go futher and change peole.

Our dream is live by the sea and from sea at same time that we share our passions, our homes and introduce you to the delights of that way of life. We trully belive in a healthier sea, a better and simple live with more time to relax, think and enjoy our families and friends.

  • Daniel Tommasini
  • Daniel Tommasini

Daniel born in São Paulo, Brazil, start sailing with 9 years old in the optimist class. Since then never stoped sailing and year by year get more passionate by the sea . His first offshore boat was a golden hind 32 bought in 2009 when his had 21 years old. With this boat he sailed all the Caribbean sea. His second boat was to Endevour 32 bought in 2012, with this he sailed from caribbean sea to Greece crossing the atlantic ocean alone. Now he is living in the idyllic paradise of San Blas proud to show the best spots in San Blas.
Daniel is a geologist graduated in the University of São Paulo and speaks Portuguese, english and spanish. Also he is a really good cook specialty in Latin cousine with mediterranean influence and homemade bakery.

  • Paula Parra

Paula is a Brazilian girl born in São Paulo. For some years she worked as a pre-school teacher, but left her profession to live her great passion, the sea. Always worried about making guests feel as if they were in their homes, offering them everything they need. Great cook, she ensures that everyone enjoys the exceptional Latin cuisine, in addition to the delicious Brazilian desserts.

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