Cartagena to San Blas or San Blas to Cartagena

For backpackers travelling between central and South America Darien Gap is a challenge place to cross. No roads or ferries linking Colombia and Panama, so the options are going by plane or going by sailboats. The crossing from Cartagena to Panama or Panama to Cartagena with sailboats pass through one of the best spots in the whole Caribbean, the San Blas Islands.

The big advantage of take one of this trips is that you got the transport from South and Central America and plus visit the paradise of San Blas, and spending time in places like Holandese Cays or Coco Bandero.

Many sailboats and catamarans make this trip every week but the conditions of the sailboats and crews vary dramatically. If you search about that online, you will see plenty of horror histories and people unhappy with most of the major companies that sell this trip.


We are in San Blas for 6 years now and we know all these boats and crews. Therefore, we made a selection of the best sailboats, catamarans and crews for your safety and happiness.

What we offer?

We offer the best selection of Sailboats and Catamarans for backpackers that make this trip with the best food and experience.

How much Cost and what is included?

The price is U$550 per person with food and drinks (non-alcoholics) included. You will pay U$50 for reservation and remain amount in cash aboard. Not included the transport from or for Panama City. This transport will cost more U$50 per person.

The best time to go?

Sea Conditions on the passage can change a lot but we can divide the year in two main seasons:

Dry Season (December to April)

Trade winds dominate the weather this time of the year, with strong winds blowing from north and good weather and nice temperatures. This time of the year high waves from north can be expect making the trip from Panama to Colombia tough. In other hand, the trip from Colombia to Panama this time of the year is easy sailing downwind and with the waves.

Wet Season (May to November)

Thunderstorms and squalls dominate the weather in this season. The sea normally is much calmer than in the dry season, that make the trip easy in each direction. Normally not enough wind for sailing and the boats go with the engine most part of the time.

Good weather most part of the time, but you can expect some cloud days and tropical rainstorms.

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