Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

    Everybody knows that Rio de Janeiro is "the" wonderful city. But few people have taken their time to see it from the sea, where the view it's even more prestigious. How about a different experience, rent a sailboat and sailing to nearby islands, diving and enjoying the sunset seen from the sea?

   The itineraries are adaptable according to the interests of the passengers.

Guanabara Bay- Praia Vermelha- Arquipélago das Cagarras - Itaipú- Ilha Rasa- Paquetá... Tours from 3 to 8 hours.

If you would like to go from Rio de Janeiro to Paraty, Ilha Grande or Angra dos Reis by boat, let us know!

Sailboat MB 45

     The MB45 sailboat is considered by some experts to be the best boat built in Brazil. Combining both sailing performance and comfort, besides having in its CV an around the world trip, this vessel has achieved blue ribbon in the principal regattas off the Brazilian coast. The ship, designed by Judel and Vrolijk, has capacity for 12 people sailing by day and can host  7 guests for a overnight sleep.


Snorkeling gear;
Fresh water shower;
Support boat;

Standup paddle



Linen and towels.

View from cockpit
Sallon of MB 45
Restroom of MB 45
Stern Cabin MB 45
MB 45 Sailing
Prices and Conditions

Up to 4 passengers*

3 h - R$ 1100

5 h - R$ 1320

7 h - R$ 1650

Up to 8 passengers*

3 h - R$ 1540

5 h - R$ 1650

7 h - R$ 1870

Up to 12 passengers*

3 h - R$ 1760

5 h - R$ 1980

7 h - R$ 2200

*All tours include mineral water and fruit salad. Tours with more than 5 hours, include snacks.

6h - All Inclusive


  • Caipirinha

  • Barbecue

  • Soda

  • Snacks

  • Mineral water

Overnight stay

(up to 7 passaengers)


breakfast included 

Sailboat Terra Firme

   The Yacht Terra Firme Rio is a Peterson 33 designed by Doug Peterson. It is fully equipped for cruising and sailing, offering total comfort, safety and facilities for the crew. For several days we can have 4 guests: the forecabin has a double berth, and the sofa in the living room also turns into a comfortable double berth. We have an electric refrigerator and a cooler for ice, plus a full kitchen with all kitchenware and tableware. The Yacht is sailed by the skipper (owner) and a first mate (his wife). They are in charge of maneuvers and tasks onboard, responsible for your comfort, safety and tranquility. 


Snorkeling gear;
Barbecue grill;
Fresh water shower;
Support boat;
Bluetooth sound system;


What´s included

Ice and mineral water.

Beverage and food can be brought.

Peterson 33 Sailing
Peterson 33 lunch time
Peterson 33 view from the deck
Peterson 33 kitchen
Peterson 33 sallon
Peterson 33 bow
Peterson 33 Marina da Gloria
Peterson 33 sailing with a view
Peterson 33 sailing
Peterson 33 at anchor
Peterson 33 sailing upwind
Peterson 33 sailing

Day Charter

the tours last approximately 6 hours

Prices and Conditions
Rates valid until 30/06/2018








per person

R$ 395

R$ 303

R$ 260

R$ 226

R$ 213

R$ 200


R$ 790

R$ 910

R$ 1040

R$ 1130

R$ 1280

R$ 1400

Sailboat Sangha

   The Yacht Sangha is a Samoa 35, with capacity to receive up to 8 people. Inside the boat, there's room for guests to rest during the tour, a full bathroom, and 2 cabins.


Snorkeling gear;
Fresh water shower;
Support boat;

Barbecue grill;


What´s included

Welcome cocktail at the Corrientes 348 Restaurant (Marina da Glória);

Mineral water;




Beverage and food can be brought.

Samoa 35 Cagarra islands
Samoa 35 sailing
Samoa 35 Rio de Janeiro sailing
Samoa 35 sallon
Samoa 35 Guanabara Bay
Samoa 35 restroom
Samoa 35 Cabin
Samoa 35 cabin
Samoa 35 kitchen
Samoa 35 kitchen
Samoa 35 nav table
Prices and Conditions

Day Charter

(Tours up to 6 hours)

Up to 7 passengers

R$ 1200

Boarding fee

R$ 30 per person

If you want, we also offer luch on board

Gourmet package

barbecue with garnish



R$ 80 per person


  • 30% in advance for reservation made by Paypal and the remaining amount in cash onboard.

  • Payments made in Brazil must be made through deposit or bank transfer. The balance of the charter fee is due when you board the Yacht.

  • Cancelations made 30 days prior to the trip will receive complete refund of the reservation (discounted tax and Paypal fee).

  • Cancelations made 15 days prior to the trip will receive half refund of the reservation (discounted tax and Paypal fee).

  • No refund for reservations cancelated less than 15 days from the trip date.

  • Don´t get wet inside the boat.

  • Help us take care of the boat as if it were yours.

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Peterson 33 bow